Monday, September 9, 2013

Kindness Wins All

A couple weeks back on a lovely Saturday morning in August, I joined a friend for breakfast with Takoda at Centre Street Bistro—if dining on the terrace your four-legged companion may join you. Before arriving, I took Takoda on a nice walk around town and stopped at Cold Noses to purchase a bully stick for her—something to occupy her under the table while I enjoyed my eggs and herb goat cheese toast. 

A few moments after being seated, the couple at the table next to us asked to move. As it turned out, one in the party is allergic to dogs (and Takoda is a Norwegian Elkhound with a mass of hair). The quarters were tight, and beyond the dog comments projecting into my ears there were comments about the service. It must be noted that the waitress was a young girl who was doing the very best she could to handle the Saturday breakfast crowd. Needless to say, things were awkward. 

When the waitress next came over to our table, I asked her to include the couple’s breakfast on my tab and requested she didn’t make a big deal out of it with the table. The impetus behind this move was not because I felt bad about Takoda’s hair, but rather an attempt to lift this couple’s vibration—on a beautiful island, on a beautiful day, there is no reason to be crass. This small gesture, turned things around. The couple thanked us with a smile. Noted it was their first trip to the island, and then asked us for recommendations. Suddenly, the scene went from awesome to awkward with a simple gesture. A few moments after they left their table, they returned with a bone for Takoda. It was a great moment of realization: kindness wins all. 

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