Monday, August 19, 2013

This Weekend

This past weekend was joyful. Actually, the past two weekends (previous in Warren, PA for a wedding #zackandmitch) have left me with a stockpile of smiles and happy moments. There is so much to be thankful for. And, the gratitude is helping beat those end of summer blues.

There was much focus on Takoda throughout Saturday and Sunday. The previous week and 'end I was away for five days and returned home to jump back into the work routine, which meant me and the little lady were in need of some catchup and play. We enjoyed a trip to Cold Noses for treats and treasures, breakfast at Centre Street Bistro, walks around town, a day at the beach, several coffee trips, and lots of loving compliments from the new friends met along the way and the old friends that followed. Takoda's tail was wagging high.

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