Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shell Souvenirs

From the Beaches of Nantucket

Walks next to the ocean are sublime. They entertain all the senses: the sight of the horizon and Earth's beauty; the sound of waves rolling up the shore only to then to be washed back into the sea; the taste and smell of the salty air leaving a residue on your skin and lips; and the feeling of sand gently exfoliating the soles of one's feet. These moments and sense encounters resinate with me, and I'm a perpetual collector of all things found by the shore, scattered across the beach by the oceans rotation of give and take. 

During my travels and sojourns, I gravitate towards the ocean. Between the thrill and chaos of foreign place, going back to my natural happy place grounds me and evens-out my soul's keel. I find it fascinating to compare my collected ocean treasures from around the globe. They take me back to those moments of serene solitude and reflection while articulating the difference in shape and universal beauty of the Earth's creations.

From left to right, top row to bottom:
Moon Snail; Quahog, Conch, Slipper Shell, Elegant Dosinia, Jingles, and Wampum
Conch Shell 

Nantucket Sea Glass
From the Beaches of Saint Malo, France

From Brighton Beach, England
From the Beaches of Accra and Esiama, Ghana

Sea Glass from Ghana

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