Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pet Portraits

My love for Takoda is ever-expanding. When I look at her, think of her, feel her, or touch her my heart is on the verge of exploding with love. It fascinates me. It worries me. It humbles me. With this love and presence, comes the pains of immortality. Dogs' lives are so much shorter than our own, and with every sweet glance from her chestnut brown eyes, I'm reminded that our physical moments together are limited. With all this in heart, I commissioned two portraits of Takoda by artists found on Etsy. I'm enamored with them. There is comfort in knowing that even when my little lady's carnal self has passed, she'll be with me in art and spirit.

The first piece commissioned was to be a watercolor portrait. I had a vision in mind of a white background with a focus on Takoda's sweet face and endearing gaze.  After a fair amount of time combing through Etsy's talent, I was delighted to find a very talented watercolor artist, Irene from Bojano, Italy. Her shop is dimdi, and she has an enchanting collection of animals ready-to-buy and is also available for custom work. I sent Irene my picture of Takoda, and within two days she sent me a JPEG of her Takoda painting. It was perfect, lovely, and brought tears to my eyes. 

Photo Sent to Irene

The JPEG "proof" Received
Framed and on the Wall
The second artist I selected was Patricia from Exton, PA. Patricia paired her quilting skills with her knowledge and love of dogs to create amazing paper pieces, her shop is appropriately named Canine Cut Ups. Working with Patricia was also an easy and seamless process. I selected my dog breed, noted desired color for background, and a week later I had my very own Takoda cutout ready for framing. The finished piece is stunning, and was handsomely framed with an "old world" homage in style. 

Norwegian Elkhound Cutout in Patricia's Shop 
Framed and on the Wall
For those on Nantucket, Nantucket Frameworks did both pieces. They are great to work with and the end result is always flawless. They've framed many pieces for me over the years (including the giant bird embroidery Takoda's watercolor hangs next to). I cannot praise their work enough. 

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