Friday, June 14, 2013

Ghana, No.8

Casablanca Beach Resort
A few days in Tadi

Takoradi is the 3rd largest city in Ghana. I will wager to bet that they don't get too many tourists passing through this area as everywhere I went I was called "obrini." the center of the city is a giant roundabout who's center is one large market. Fish heads; green oranges, plantains, electronics, onions, tomatoes, fabric, Chinese imports, pots and pans--it was all there, boiling under the hot African sun. There were no banks open on Saturday for me to change money at, so Ruby took me to a man on the street who exchanges currency- luckily, he gave me a fair rate and charged no commission.

Casablanca Beach
Lottie on the Shore

On Sunday, Gina and the two youngest children, Lottie and George, went to Casablanca beach resort in the late afternoon for some beach coming and relaxation. Lattie and I went for a nice stroll collecting shells along the way. It was great to be walking the shore line, with toes in the water again. There was a group of men playing soccer. One of them had a 2010 US Census t-shirt on--I wonder how that found it's way to Ghana? If clothes could talk. Speaking of, all my clothing is really taking a beating here. I brought 4 pairs of linen pants and a variety of cotton T-shirts and tanks, not a large amount of clothing for a month away. I am currently down to three pairs of pants, all with newly formed holes- busted zippers, etc, and have cut up two tanks into sweat rags (a necessity). Luckily, I'm not too worried about how I look here- especially considering the amount of sweat that is constantly streaming from my skin, and the amount of dust and dirt the wind is pushing onto my skin. But it all just proves to me even more that my body and wardrobe have been conditioned to 44 degrees latitude and that is okay with me.

The River by the Ocean
George Plays
If a Shirt Could Talk

By my last night in Tadi I was helping the children with their homework, George (the littlest one and I) spent some quality time practicing numbers, specifically writing the number six; Ruby was requesting Whitney Houston songs from my machine (iPad, and yes, I've got some Whitney); George was requesting to watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video; and Jesse and Lottie were requesting plain paper and markers. We had a lot of fun together, and they enjoyed picking out Nantucket shells to keep (I brought a slew of them with me as gifts).

Sharing Curious Treasures

Five days in Tadi had left it's mark on me. I was suppose to be there for less, but again, all plans in Ghana are subject to change. And though I was enjoying my time with the children, I was anxious to get on my way. Five days of idle in the boondocks of Ghana's third largest city can be a bore, and with nothing to occupy my time, my mind was wondering to Nantucket, to a cool brisk ocean breeze, a happy wander through the moored with Koda, a cold Magner's, friends and family. I was delighted to go supply shopping on Monday, as I new it was a sure sign that I would definitely be making my way to Esiama, to the World Alive school and orphanage.

Momma and Puppies
Lovely Momma
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