Tuesday, June 11, 2013

California: Part 1

Tiles at the San Diego Train Station
I went on a California journey with my two oldest sisters shortly after the new year. Our parents recently relocated to the Los Angeles area, and what better time to escape New England than the middle of winter? Due to the threat of incoming winter storm Nemo, we left the island three days early with a rerout to San Diego (rather than Los Angeles).

Hydrating on the train after a 6.5 hour flight, after 4 hours of sleep, after a 2 hour bus ride, after an hour long boat ride.
Even better than the original plan, we trained from San Diego to Los Angeles and then spent 5 days exploring the area with my parents. I even managed to catch-up with old friends from Paris between family activities. Leaving LA, we rented a car and drove the Pacific Coast Highway up to San Francisco, where we ended our journey with friends, good eats, and a stockpile of memories and sister bonding moment behind us. 

Amazing Sky en Route to L.A.
Union Station in Motion
Crazy L.A. Light on Arrival
Curb Side Pick-up - A.K.A. 15 years later and they still pick us up late
Santa Monica
The entire journey was fantastic, and I can't wait to share some of my favorite stops with you! I was able to get some great eats recommendations, and even found a few great spots serendipitously--the real joy of travel! Stay tuned for my favorite L.A. stops, the journey on highway 1, sweeping Big Sur photo opportunities, and the search for the best pizza food truck in San Francisco. 

Solo Moment at Venice Beach

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