Sunday, June 16, 2013

Arm Candy - How To

A layered bracelet look is modern and fresh. I adore mixing metals and textures on my wrist, and the splash of color is a welcomed enhancement to any outfit. Styling your stack of arm candy can be playful and fun, yet over whelming at times. To combat the frustration, I classify my pieces by statement, building bangles, and dainty delicates. By mixing and matching the categories, perfect stacks of candy created. 

Your statement pieces are the boldest of the bold. They can and do stand well on their own, but also provide a great foundation to build and play. Mix your statements. The watch band on the left is an unusual piece to play with--a fun part of Nantucket's preppy street style--for those of us that once spent our summers working at Murray's Toggery. 

Building bangles are more than filler pieces. Their form is beauty and style. Their function is to add mass. They bring interest to your stack and hint to your personal style. Building bangles are perfect to mix with statement pieces or dainty pieces, and look wonderful on their own.  

The last layer to any arm candy stack are the delicate pieces that we always seem to put on last. They serve the same purpose as feathers on hats and tassels on handbags--to give your styled look one last sweeping touch. Dainty delicates are fabulous to  mix, but are also lovely when showcased solo.

A preppy statement surrounded by gold, the perfect Nantucket summer lunch stack. 
Blue jade and gold delicates.
All the dainty delicates worn at once - a statement.
A stack of building bangles with a dash of dainty.
Mixing metals.
All gold.
Perfect for a concert, a statement cuff with silver bangles,
Two colorful statements.
A solo bangle (original stack of 3) with a dainty finish is soft and pretty.
Bold black and gold.

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