Friday, May 10, 2013

Ghana, No.6

Women on the Beach, Accra 
February 11, 2011

It is hot. Currently it is just after 9am and the temperature is in the 90sF and rising. It's super humid (maybe caused by yesterday's rain storm). The vegetation is lush and thirsty rather. The hotel's Tribes Bar and Restaurant is a covered terrace surrounded by trees--Swiss family Robinson style, and the newly rejuvenated branches of the palms are offering more shade.

Yolanda left late yesterday afternoon to head back to the Netherlands, she is cool, and clean at the moment, probably sleeping in a comfy bed with soft sheets. It was nice to have the juxtaposition of her at the end of her trio and me at the beginning. I missed her at dinner last night, but we traded emails and maybe some day in the future our paths will cross again.

I met an American last night, the first since I've arrived. Max from Vermont, who's girlfriend works at the Even Keel (her uncle is Marshall), small world, indeed. Max is traveling the globe for a year studying meat fermenting processes. He just spent six weeks outside of Takoradi and was able to give me an idea of what to expect while sleeping in a village on the western coast of Ghana.

I had a surprise visit from Military Mustapha last night, and we chatted in the hotel lobby for about 10 minutes before I sent him on his way. I find it humorous that Ghanians just can't stomach the idea of living life without the driving force of marriage and babies navigating one's path.

A Brooklyn tribe of hipsters just walked into the restaurant for breakfast--in their hipster clothes conversing about their recycled hipster philosophies and cultural observations, I'm happy to be leaving Accra. When I see an American walking around in bowling shoes, I think it is a divine sign that it is time to move on.

There are lots of bugs swarming about today (again, I'm thinking caused by yesterday's rain storm) and the geckos and lizards are enjoying the feast! I love those little creatures; the way they move super fast for 8.3 seconds then stop and stare for 3 minutes, occasionally moving their head from left to right, the, out of no where they move again at a high speed for a few moments, as if they just remembered they had a meeting 10 feet away, then stop and stare for a few more minutes, eating bugs along the way... They're great.

One of the hotel housekeepers just walked by and greeted me in Twi, it feels good to be speak their language and to speak it with the accomplishment of being understood. The sounds are like nothing this white sistah has ever had to make before, I look forward to sharing them with you.

I will be picked up by Word Alive at noon, and we will then travel to Takoradi. I've got to pack, consolidate,and prepare myself for the next three weeks. I've got butterflies in my stomach, that are swarming about in clouds of excitement and the anticipation of living I the unknown. I'm not sure about the access of wifi or Internet, but know that no news is good news and I will continue to write and email/post whenever possible.

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