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Ghana No.2

Jamestown, Accra's "slum," beach at dusk

Feb. 7, 2011

Another day of rest and relaxation in Ghana. I intended to meet up with a guy named Larry (a friend of a friend of a friend), but Larry was unable to meet up with me, which worked out rather well. I was able to spend two hours in the humid shade reading and it was wonderful. I forgot how much I enjoy reading when not lying in bed after first waking up or at the end of the day while drifting off to sleep (and cute 'Koda flirting with each wag of her tail)--I absorb much more information. And, luckily, I have not sweat any of it out, which is a miracle in and of itself.

The food and I have not been getting along too well. Note: plantains should NEVER be boiled. So, I've decided a diet of Coca-Cola, rice, and bread with mango jam is the thing for me. I have yet to encounter ice in Ghana, which means any drink must be consumed in Olympic speed in order to experience that refreshing "aaahhhhh" sensation, which is of great import when melting in the 100% humid ninety-eight-degree-fahrenheit climate.

This evening I gave the local cuisine one more try (only to be proved wrong, again) and ordered mango chicken curry. I was assured it was "not too spicy for white lady." Waiting for my meal another lone female traveler wandered in and I invited her to sit down with me. Yolanda from Holland, who has been traveling in Western Africa for three weeks, and is on the last leg of her "vacation" in Accra. A vacation that, by the sounds of it, has consisted of dirt hole digging, infrequent showering, crowd fighting, heat sick battling "amazing times." She is a wealth of information about Ghana and what to expect. Lucky for me, she was a history teacher and we had a wonderful chat about the slave trade. She suggested I go to the Cape Coast (former Dutch slave trade fort). "As an American, a Dutch, a Brit, it is our duty to confront our history." Could any conscious human fight that? 

Tomorrow Yolanda and I will travel to the Loom, a local art gallery before we go our separate ways. She doesn't like the markets, which I am looking forward to experiencing. Also, I hope to finally meet up with friend of a friend of a friend, Larry.

Sweet tidings from Gold Coast!

Riding the shore in Accra
Fishing in the surf, Accra

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