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Ghana, No.1 - It Begins

First Experience: African Sunset, Accra. February 6, 2011. 
In February of 2011 I traveled to Ghana for a five week solo mission trip. It was an idea I had back in 2007 participating at the biannual Education Without Boarders conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. When asked how I would like to change the world I responded with, "building cross cultural connections via the channels of creativity and camaraderie." I still have that piece of paper.

I shared my experiences on my previous blog, which was turned off to the public about a year ago. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing my Ghana stories.

Mother and Child, Accra. February 6, 2011.
Feb. 6, 2011
Greetings all! I have arrived in Accra. The sun is shinning, there is a western sea-breeze, the ocean is 200 steps from my hotel room door: so far, so good. I am currently sitting in the shade at the Tribes Bar & Restaurant (at the Afia Beach Hotel - can be found on google) enjoying a fine cup of mint and ginger tea. The tablecloths are orange and all the furnishings are dark wood. Geckos and chickens are roaming freely. It feels like Africa.

I'm the only American in the hotel at the moment, the other travelers are Europeans and Aussies. It is a comfort to be out of my normal again.

The air is humid and hot. Though sitting directly next to the Atlantic, there is no salty taste to the air, and my body has naturally adjusted to a slower pace of breathing. The rain season ended a few weeks ago, mid-January I was told, and though pockets of green are regularly in view, the ground is dry and the vegetation looks thirsty.

I am currently forcing myself awake for a few more hours to avoid any major jet-lag... Hopefully it works!

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