Saturday, March 16, 2013

Restyle: The Dresser

The successful creation of my beloved peacock lamp inspired the devotion of an entire Saturday morning to de-clutter and restyle the top of my dresser. I was so ashamed of the "junk loading dock" it had become, that I didn't take before pictures for point of comparison. Just trust me, it was chaotic. Jewelry was tangled with hair accessories and loose change; a random piece of pottery was exploding with trinkets of life (stones, shells, loose change, chapstick, keys that have no doors to open, match books), and the mirror above it was 10x8 and I had to hunch down to see my face.

As confessed in a previous post, I love cleaning shelves or surfaces off, dusting off the items, purging what I can, and finally restyling. Simplifying my space to reflect my changing persona as I continue the adulting journey has become cathartic. But it has also become a useful practice of playing with style. 
With a giant mirror backdrop, the overall look is clean and colorful. I created a spot for all the little things I keep there. Favorite travel treasures, family items, and small collections are now showcased thoughtfully (they were lost in the clutter before). The two wooden antelope and the recycled art insect are pieces brought back from Ghana. The collection of heart rocks were all found while strolling the beaches of Nantucket. The enamel box is circa 1800 and was brought back to America by a merchant ancestor of mine. It is filled with foreign coins I've been collecting since my first trip out of the US back in 1999. The John Derian plates were gifts from loved ones, purchased because their scenes reminded the dear givers of me. I adore these items, and I love that I am now able to enjoy them effortlessly. 

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