Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ridiculous Week Antidote: Start Searching

This week has been preposterous (and it’s only Wednesday). I’m ready for a big fluffy down comforter on top of a gigantic feathery down mattress, with an endless supply of tea and cinnamon toast to enjoy while watching the ENTIRE series of Six Feet Under—only stopping for dog walks, restroom breaks, and creative play. I’m ready for all that and I don’t want it to stop for 72 hours—at least. Damn you unrealistic Wednesday dreams. Damn you.

When dreaming of the comfort cloud suspended from reality (that doesn't actually exists no matter how tight my curtains are drawn), I have to remember: ridiculous work weeks are able to make way for motivation and inspiration (both of which do exists) because they give us a reason to search. Looking for answers, a compassionate anecdote, a shaking reality-check, a bit of unsolicited advice from a stranger, or anything to brighten the day, I found amazing words from Amelia E. Barr (British novelist), which, when paired with a sharpie doodle of my beloved dog, are helping me through the aggravation while simultaneously pushing me forward with vitality. 
As easy as it is to wallow and be miserable in this moment, we must actively and diligently commit to the positive, choosing not to perpetuate the preposterous or engage with the bad behaviors and annoyances around us, but rather opting to be happy and optimistic with a spring in our steps as we chase the silver linings. Our unfettered joy, balance, and tranquility will constantly be jeopardized as we make our way through life, but searching for meaning, compassion, and answers is the bridge over the troubled waters and gaps.

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