Monday, February 18, 2013

Restyle: The Corner Bookshelf

I've been navigating my way through a transitional phase over the past few months that I coined as "adulting," the act of becoming an adult. It entails cleaning out shelves and drawers, purging clutter, taking pleasure in organization, and restyling my space.

My corner bookshelf was in desperate need of some adulting love. It had become a dumping ground for loose change and sentimental trinkets, which were driving me mad. There was no order to the book placement, no reason to the vignettes, and curious and cherished items were getting lost in the shuffle.

In a flight of creative cleaning, I emptied out all shelves and organized my books according to color. I dusted all trinkets and threw out unnecessary junk, storing items that were not needed but too dear to toss. With all the items I wanted to incorporate with the books clean and cataloged in front of me, I started to reassemble (this is the moment I love--arranging things on fresh surfaces to tell new stories). I'm very pleased with the results. It's tidy, organized chaos that consists of memories and beloved texts.

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