Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Bliss

Snow. Lots of snow. Everywhere. It's joyous and has completely lifted my spirit out of the post holiday slump as I've been playing outside with Takoda (my four and a half year-old Norwegian Elkhound), who is in her element and completely lost in bliss. It even inspired me to abandon my lists, plans, and compulsive thinking so that I could just enjoy "being" (in its very active and won't stop until I die kind of way--Hello, Sartre!).

Last night we took a late wander and lost ourselves in the snowy, desolate, New England streets. The only sound was the crunch under our feet, the pitter-patter of the snow fall, and the quiet whistling wind. At times I am certain we were walking in a winter woodland fairy tale penned by Lewis or Tolkien.

I hope your current season and days are lovely and uplifting. Here's some photo love from me to you:

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