Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Things: Teacup Hooks

Constantly looking to improve my morning routine during the week (to make sure the dog is walked, my face is fresh, and I'm ready for the day with a genuine smile on my face), I made a list of little things that take up a lot of my time while I'm scrambling to get out the door. By determining these problems I am able to find solutions for them--making life way more awesome and stress free.... At least before I hit the office.

Item No.1 on the morning time suck list: finding my keys. The solution: teacup hooks next to the door for convenient hanging. I did this a week ago and have not searched for my keys ever since!

Teacup hooks are heroes. This was not the first time they've come to my rescue. I purchased a box (at the grocery store, next time you are there look up and you'll find a variety of helpful items) while making a drift wood jewelry hanger a few years back. I have been expanding their use ever since. They allow me to customize my space with organized vignettes to display frequently used items.

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